June 17, 2021 09:18 PM

Retractable awnings

Louvered Roof ideas for an attractive outdoor space

The most suitable awning for your home

An awning is also called a retractable awning and it has been known for years as an excellent form of sun protection. The principle is very simple: an awning is a type of sun protection, which is mounted on the facade and provides shade. The design and production, on the other hand, cast no shadow on the quality as it involves a lot of product development. We believe it is essential to keep innovating within the range of retractable awnings. That is why we are always looking for new solutions for construction and renovation projects.

Do you want to enjoy your terrace and the perfect shade fully? Then a retractable awning is a good idea. The awning is blocking the sun on warm days, but you maintain optimal light and heat during the cooler months. Therefore, this product is no superfluous luxury during balmy summer months. All awnings are tailor-made for you and are available in various designs and models. Rectangular, rounded, or oval housings with a classic or sleek design? The retractable awnings suit every home style.

Sun Awnings

You can do and improve so many things with a sun awning!

You can create a shaded corner to enjoy air and light even when the sun is directly overhead. You can protect rooms and spaces from sunlight or add a recognizable and stylish structure to the façade of a house, hotel, or retail business.

Sun awnings: a range of materials, solutions, and applications

If each sun awning exactly meets the demands of its customers – whether a private individual or a company in the tourism and hospitality sector – it is because three factors come together: the extremely high quality of materials, cutting-edge technologies, and a preference for elegant minimalist lines, which enhance spaces whatever the style.

retractable awning in New York and New Jersey

Schildr offers many outdoor awning solutions, each one with its special features.

An awning is also called a retractable awning or a folding arm awning and it has been known for years as an excellent form of sun protection.