November 22, 2021 09:04 PM

Use your patio enclosure during Shabbat with sliding Jalousie Louvers.

Louvered Roof ideas for an attractive outdoor space

Innovation never gets a break here. In addition to the  SUCCOT and many more signature design from SCHILDR, Cabbana model louvers are now available with wooden textured jalousies (sliding shutters). Louvered wall components elegantly harmonize with the louvered roofing design. In another word, similar shapes and shades follow each other from the ground to the roof uniquely.

The well-engineered track system offers extraordinary comfort to move jalousies to each side or to the desired area to set the way and the volume of the sunlight. Wooden color jalousies give an entertaining feeling like an unforgettable Hawaii resort atmosphere where structural aluminum material and the frame state itself as a lifetime manufacturing.

This complimentary option for Cabbana model louvers is perfect once remote-controlled and rotatable roofing already reaches the point that advanced outdoor living space meets all the technological standards. Ease of installation provided upon request. Fastest lead time and the high-end manufacturing guaranteed by SCHILDR. Get a free consultation and a Quote TODAY!