November 24, 2021 10:05 PM

How useful motorized, remote controlled zip screens or outdoor blinds are?

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Outdoor living spaces are trending, so zip screens and outdoor blinds too. Before this blog gives you a bunch of information and ideas, the differences between zip screens and outdoor blinds need to be identified. Here is how you can separate them.

Zip screens are one of the outdoor blind models just like there are plenty of other blinds. They are all categorized under outdoor blinds such as jalousies, shutters, bamboo shades, vinyl shades, and many more. After 20 years of experience, as well as countless positive feedback from customers, SCHILDR continues offering zip screens as a complementary solution of sunrooms, retractable awnings and pergolas, louvers, and other suitable products such as exterior windows, balcony and terrace windows, etc.

SCHILDR`s zip screen is designed and manufactured with exclusive Précontraint® technology which holds its shapes not curling or ‘tunneling’ on roller tubes with the 86-92 Soltis mesh. With SergeFerrari`s fabric technology, screens are both able to transfer sunlight or block it out completely. Fabric colors for the screen are also available by SCHILDR.

There is a number of pages about SCHILDR`s zip screen specs and technical details but let's talk about why would you need one?

The answer is easy, instead of having tinted glass that adds color to your clear view or using a regular curtain that gets dirty easily, a zip screen is a great alternative for under any weather condition with its specific outdoor purpose. Unlike vinyl, wood, bamboo, or other material, the fabric is more affordable and able to transfer solar light. 

If we all get the answer for why zip screen is the best outdoor blind option when they compared aesthetically, technically, and economically, now it is time to state how SCHILDR`s make them even more useful with SOMFY`s remote-controlled system. With one button on the SOMFY`s light and resistant device, a durable hidden motor on top of the screen gets enabled to roll up and roll down the blinding. It has also a feature to stay at any point of user preference. Check this video link to see how they work and CLICK here to get Free consultation and Quote from SCHILDR today!