January 08, 2022 08:36 PM

Can I really enjoy my outdoor space 4-Seasons?

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Answering this question was not easy when you consider Texas summer heats over 100 F where Uptown New York freeze below than -10 F. Offering both locations the same product wouldn`t be easy but in SCHILDR, the engineer and innovation team brought this discussion to the table over 20 years ago. Yes, it wasn`t magic but hard work that make this team find a solution for this general issue of supplying 4-seasons outdoor patio products.

Experience would find a solution even consumers of outdoor spaces doubtful about it but there are plenty of companies that offering their products as 4-seasons. Are they 4-season in real?

Naming a product as 4 seasons is an easy part. However, it doesn`t get too long for consumers to realize it was just a marketing myth. In SCHILDR, there are Lift & Slide, Bi-fold, and Guillotine Compact Systems which are specifically made for insulation purposes. Specifically where space heating and cooling systems can`t help. These light aluminum systems featured polystyrene insulation and its mitered aluminum frame provides for an architecturally pleasing appearance. Its all-aluminum construction is perfect for exterior applications and also for specific interior applications where extreme heat, cold, corrosion, or moisture is a concern.

What if you just planning to have a single tempered glass sunroom with no insulation to save on material?  

You were heard already! Even the Urban system which comes with single tempered glass can have amounted remote-controlled Carbon Infrared Heater on its ceiling frame as well as on the posts. There are two elements SCHILDR uses in its every product line; aluminum and glass. That means you can have anything for climate purposes installed on the ceilings or the columns.

What about cooling? 

Same! Insulated systems by SCHILDR keep the area cooler during summertime. Side of that, There are three other complementary products you can add to keep your enclosures cooler. 

Forte Zip Screen; made for outdoor purposes. The remote control system allows smooth rolling up & down functionality. Not only that, you can stop at any point to adjust the sunlight. Fabric made by SergeFerrari, the leading company for modern shade systems. Remote system by SOMFY, another well-known manufacturer of the market. Forte zip screen can also be operated by remote control or by any Smartphone. 

Capella; exterior sunshade for the roof. There is no additional wall or post needed for this useful system to install on top of your glass roof. It can be installed on your existing roof beam which was built by SCHILDR. Remote controlled and can keep leaves and other specks of dirt out of your glass roof. You can also leave at any point for customized shade. SergeFerrari made fabric, SOMFY`s remote operation system. Easy to operate with a Smartphone.

Accordio; interior sunshade for the ceiling. If you only want to set to sunlight other than keeping leaves or any other dirt out of the roof, this sunshade system would be more than enough for the blackout. The sleek design is another advantage. It is the Mediterranean style all outdoor spaces need some. SergeFerrari made fabric, SOMFY`s remote control. Plus, it can be operated by Smartphone.

It is impossible to change the climate of your location, specifically if you consider we are in extreme climates era, but there are advanced as well as simple solutions by SCHILDR that make your outdoor indoor.

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