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Improve Your living Space with Pergola - What is it and How can You Add One

Louvered Roof ideas for an attractive outdoor space

While fencing is an integral part of any garden or yard, you can use a variety of garden structures to incorporate an additional feature to your home. Some of the most sought-after options for these structures include pagoda, arbor, pergola, and arch. Adding outdoor structures like pergola adds an aesthetic appeal to your house’s architecture. Plus, it makes family events and gatherings even more enjoyable.
If you’re considering adding a pergola, you need to find professional installers. But before you do that you should know what you’re looking for in the outdoor structure. Let’s delve into the discussion to learn “what is pergola” and how you can use it in your existing garden design.

What is Pergola?

A pergola refers to a specific outdoor structure built from beams and posts to create a sheltered or shaded walkway. It is typically built over a deck or patio. Pergola is a building extension and provides a focal point in the yard or any outdoor space. It is important to keep in mind that a pergola is not the same as an arbor. In fact, it is more like an open structure compared to an arbor which is free-standing with a fixed arched roof.
Interestingly, the pergola has been a part of gardens for a long time. Romans used to build pergolas from wood, bricks, and stones. They used to protect the structures from the exterior walls and give them support on one side with the help of pillars. 
During Italian Renaissance, many architects built pergolas by mimicking the villas and homes of imperial Rome. While design preferences of people have drastically changed since then, the idea and purpose of building the pergolas in the garden remain the same. 
Today, homeowners or dwellers are more creative when it comes to making stylistic variations in the outdoor spaces. The garden structures combine plenty of elements to meet individual requirements. 
Ideally, pergolas should not include solid sides. But as no two yards are the same; you can use many ideas to customize your pergola.

What are the Uses of Pergola?

The possibilities and ideas for pergolas are unlimited; there are some common ways these sheltered walkways can serve your garden.

To Create a Shade in the Yard

Note that the structure of the pergola doesn’t block the sunlight completely. It typically provides shade from the direct light and allows air to flow freely. The beam in the structure also provides partial shade from the sun. It has ample space on the top to grow plants or add creepers to create a cover or shade the area during hot days. 
If you want to add trellis, curtains, or panels to pergola sides, you can do it to make it more enclosed. Many people like to use pergolas as an awning to attach to the side of the house to prevent sunlight from heating the building and glaring through the window.

To Extend the Space in the Outdoor

One of the best parts of summer is “outdoor dining”. But there are days in the season that are extra hot and require some kind of shelter if plan to dining out. This is when the role of the pergola comes into play. It creates an intimate area by covering a patio or deck. A pergola not only covers the area but also adds a unique luxurious feel to make your garden party even more exciting.

To Make a Green Space 

You can use a simple pergola anywhere in your garden to make a partition like a trellis. Add wires to this partition to train the plant to spread on it. After a few days, it will become a luscious divider giving you privacy and shades. It also encourages wildlife.

To Add Partition

If you want to separate one area of your garden with another area, like to create different themes in the yard, distinguish dining from tea areas, or need a partition for other functional reasons, pergolas make a great choice.
Also, you can install a pergola with trellis panels to create a boundary for the areas like the swimming pool. 
 It is a great way to improve safety for small children and pets. Keep in mind that splitting up the garden with pergolas makes it look more organized and beautiful.

What to Consider when Installing Pergola 

Adding a pergola to your garden comes with certain considerations. It is best to hire a reliable installer who is familiar with the design structures and conforms to the codes of local codes of building. Here are a few things you need to take into account when installing a pergola.

Weather Condition

Some places need extra care when it comes to excavating. It is important to follow the building codes and their explicit instructions regarding the safety aspects of your home. Following building codes makes sure that your architectural structure withstands the changes in the weather condition.


Considering budget before you install a pergola is one way to determine material, size, and the contractor you want to hire.

Summing Up

Pergolas are a great customized addition to your outdoor to prevent heat, create a separate area, and enjoy intimate gatherings. While there are several DIY options to install pergola on your property, they may not result into something you’re expecting if you’re not well-versed in DIY pro. That is why it is better to leave the job to the professionals.
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