April 11, 2022 06:19 PM

Louvered roof ideas for an attractive outdoor space

Louvered Roof ideas for an attractive outdoor space

A louvered roof brings the luxury and charm of outdoor living to your city homes. Keep reading below to discover louvered roof ideas to make your home more tech-savvy and chic.
Many of us have been enjoying traditional pergolas and patio covers in our residences since years but like everything else, our homes deserve an upgrade occasionally too. An outdoor living space is quite a treat amid the bustling city life. 
Latest technical innovations and modern construction designs now enable homeowners to beautify and enhance the functionality and visual appeal of their homes. What better way to start with than a louvered roof?
Moreover, with the range of louver opening options available, you can now opt for a roofing system that will be a great addition to your property all year round. That’s right: the latest innovative louvered roof designs ensure they’re beneficial for homeowners all-year-round and help family members make the maximum use of their patio, deck and backyard spaces. 
Thanks to technology, our options only keep expanding. Here are some considerations to inspire louvered roof ideas for your home:

Design Considerations for Louvered Roof

The most common louvered roof designs have more streamlined and sleek features, meaning that they blend effortlessly into a home’s architectural design. With a streamlined design, homeowners have more liberty to customize their patio, deck or backyard using their own sense of style. 
In fact, with our brand, our customers have the freedom of choosing the design, size and color of their louvered roofs. This helps them customize the final look to blend with their home’s exterior paint, outdoor furniture and even the outdoor paving design. 
But by the end of it all, they get an incredible looking louvered roof that compliments their outdoor décor and theme. Like we mentioned, there are several slat sizes and material choices for louvered roofs. These provide a motion range of 1600 for any roof system. 
Below are some of the most popular louvered roof ideas that customers choose:

1. Sloping Roofs 

We also call these louvered roofs as skillion roofs, which typically come as an attached flat roof or a free-standing one. You will find a pitched angle in it from the central ridge. For homeowners and customers who wish to create a more shaded space below their cover must opt for this roofing design. 
The extra space that the sloping roof covers allow fill with air and improve the cooling and heating patterns of the space under it. Besides, sloping louvered roofs are a more cost-friendly option for those who wish to work within a budget and keep maintenance costs low too. This option does not require too many materials to build too, hence a more convenient option. 

2. Flat Roofs 

Flat louvered roofs are a popular choice for those who wish to blend their roofing system with garden designs underneath. This is perhaps largely due to the fact that flat roofs have a larger span and also tend to blend more easily. 
Flat louvered roofs feature blades that rotate by 180 degrees. With this installation, you’ll get a contemporary flat roof providing an expanded span when you close it. 

3. Box Frame Roofs 

If you’ve got a timber or steel-framed patio, a box framed louvered roof will be the best pick for it. In case you wish to create a final premium look for your outdoor space, you can always choose rendered bricks for creating it. 

4. A-Frame Roofs

If you’re one of those homeowners who loves a classic traditional touch along with modernity, the A-frame roof is a perfect choice for you. It features two symmetrical beams that meet at the top at an angle of 45 degrees or more. 
However, the A-frame louvered roofs are more wide-reaching than the other motorized options and also create a more traditional look due to their particular design. 

5. Screens

Do you have a deck where you wish to host intimate gatherings, dinner and lunch dates with family and friends? Then you’d surely need a louvered roof that allows you more privacy without compromising your outdoor feels. 
For this purpose, screens are the best type of motorized louvered patio cover for you in a vertical arrangement to create the privacy you desire. Typically all privacy-allowing louvered screens come with adjust blades running horizontally. This way, they make an excellent choice for patios that are extend out of a penthouse or wall extensions. 

6. Curved Beams 

Does your home have a curvy architectural design? If your home has more curved features running along the exteriors, we recommend opting for curved beams for your louvered roofing system. The cross-section in this option remain at a symmetrical angle alongside the curvature of the home.


Final Thoughts 

A louvered roof is the most advanced roofing solution for the backyard patio and outdoor spaces. It gives a home’s curb appeal a tremendous uplift, while adding to the aesthetic and monetary value too. Besides that, louvered roofs give homeowners the option to create a comfortable and luxurious outdoor seating area to enjoy at home with excellent temperature control options. 
If you too are ready to take your home’s style state and tech savviness forward, reach out to us. We’ll be more than happy to assist you on your home roof-upgrading project!