April 11, 2022 06:31 PM

What is a Louvered Roof - Ask the Experts

Louvered Roof ideas for an attractive outdoor space

We all crave for the luxury of outdoors but city life does not allow us much of it. Thanks to roof experts, you can now enjoy a comfortable and utterly gorgeous outdoor space in your home. Do you know how? With the help of a louvered roof of course!
Perhaps you’re already aware of pergolas and patio covers that are the most common and traditional options for creating backyard and patio outdoor seating. But thanks to the progress of the roofing industry, you can now attain improved and highly innovative construction designs to upgrade your space. 
To make your home more tech-savvy, you can opt for louvered roofs that transform any outdoor area in a livable space. Let’s learn all about this innovative motorized option below. 

Louvered Roof- What it is 

Do you have an outdoor living space that could benefit hugely with an attractive visual definition? You can transform it by installing a louvered roof, which will provide plentiful protection from the elements. Louvered roofs also helps improve the architecture and design of your home, while upgrading its value and curb appeal. 
While traditional patio covers have their own charm, a louvered roof is a modernized option with a fancy design element. Louvered roofs sit on a horizontal, slanted angle in the form of slats in your outdoor space. Plus, the roofs are remote-controlled so you can open and close these with the touch of a button. 
With this innovation, homeowners can now maximize the use of the great outdoors and plan lazy days of lounging on their back decks and patios. Read your favorite novel as the wind gently blows outside or enjoy a glass of chilled beer while you soak up the sun with your mates; a louvered roof will give you all that and more. 
Moreover, since the louvered roofs rotate at a complete 180 degrees, you can freely customize your outdoor living area as you please. Hence, when you wish to enjoy the sun or the light rain, roll back the roofs to make it happen. 
But when the weather elements feel overwhelming, you could close the roof and sit comfortably in your outdoor area. Although there are numerous ways to cover decks and patios, such as solid wooden roofs, natural vine roofs and awnings, yet none are as versatile as louvered roofs. 

Louvered Roof- Should You get it?

Louvered roofs are gaining popularity far and wide because of their extreme versatility but it can still be tricky to decide if you need one. Perhaps answering a few questions might help you decide more easily:
- Have you built a new house?
- Do you have a deck or a patio to your property?
- Is your outdoor space sitting empty and idle and not contributing to the home’s overall value?
- Did you always dream of having a functional outdoor living space where you could hang out with family and friends?
If you have answered in the affirmative to most of the questions above then the decision is simple: a louvered roof is a great investment for you. It will give you an excellent outdoor option right at home and will make a great spot for casual gatherings with family and friends. 
It will also maximize the utilization of your space, increase its aesthetical appeal and improve your home’s worth. Let’s take a look at the other advantages of adding a louvered roof to your home:

1. Helps with Temperature Control 

Temperature control is one of the primary benefits of installing a louvered roof. By blocking the sunlight and giving your deck more shade, you do successfully decrease the heat but what about the air flow? Motorized roofs come with louvers, which further possess angles that can help you channel the entry and exit of the airflow. 
This way, you manager to create a cooler seating space while protecting your sanctuary on rough windy days. 

2. Shade and Privacy 

The other primary benefits are shade and privacy for your outdoor living area. Even on the hottest days in your area, you wouldn’t have to worry about the sun beating down on your directly. Louvered roofs allow the family members to sit outside while the smart roofs shield the eyes and skin from UV rays and heat. 
Besides that, your outdoor furniture too can take quite a beating if you directly expose it to sunlight. But your painted, concrete and wood surfaces remain safe from damage despite prolonged exposure. Secondly, none of us enjoys prying and curious eyes upon us while we’re lazing away and having a good time with family and friends. 
Hence, the louvered roofs allow a sense of privacy to the people and blocks nosy neighbors peering down from their windows and balconies. 

3. Aesthetical Boost 

There’s nothing like owning a modern and stylish home, isn’t it? This is why innovations like louvered roofs and trendy outdoor seating plans are so popular these days. So why settle for the ordinary when a motorized roof can make your home look like a page out of an interior design magazine?

Many new construction designs ensure sleek-looking yet robust louvered roofs. In fact, with this installation, you can make your outdoor area the highlight of your home. With accent lighting, fans, artwork and modern furniture to go with it, louvered roofs can help you create a magical outdoor setting for the family. 

Final Thoughts 

Technology is now a staple feature in our homes and staying updated with it helps lead a modern, futuristic life. A louvered roof is one fine example of innovative technology for it enhances the visual appeal, functionality and lifestyle of homeowners. 
Louvered roofs help people enjoy as much of the outdoors as possible right at home, without having to suffer the harsh elements of nature. It also helps add a touch of art, tasteful décor and stylistic elements to make your home more attractive and welcoming. 
If you’re ready to give your home a luxurious outdoor seating plan too with a louvered roof, feel free to contact us.