April 11, 2022 07:25 PM

Enhance Your Garden with these Pergola Ideas

Louvered Roof ideas for an attractive outdoor space

Pergolas are popular architectural structures supported by posts and footings. The open, airy ceiling filters light and provides shelter while enhancing the curb appeal. You can build them in a plethora of styles and sizes using a variety of materials.
 If you’re planning to install a pergola in your garden, take inspiration from the given ideas.

Amazing Pergola ideas

Motorized Awning Pergola

Are you looking for a classical appearance to elevate the look of your outdoor space?
A retractable awning pergola is without a doubt is a fantastic choice. One of the features that make this pergola stand out is its versatility. While it looks exceptionally beautiful on backyard space, empty patio, or deck with an independent supporting structure, you can also install it with a conventional pergola framework.
That means it allows you to enjoy the benefits of a motorized retractable pergola without having to install a separate framework. The pergola is easy to install and perfectly matches the flow of your current framework. Also, it is strong enough to withstand heavy rain drainage effectively.
The pergola uses waterproof vinyl-like material and premium quality components for attachment. The high-grade construction of the pergola ensures durability. A classic retractable pergola is the perfect combination of beautiful appearance, new functionality, and high-tech features.

Elegant Awning Pergola 

Elegant pergola is an extension of a motorized awning pergola; however, it has a low-profile look. Put simply, Elegant is designed to provide a thin awning pergola to meet the needs of the homeowners at affordable pricing.
Though this pergola is a slimmer post, it increases the outdoor space without disrupting the other support posts. Elegant awning pergola is an ideal choice for backyards, terraces, storefronts, and balconies of cafes, bars, and restaurants. It is mostly suitable for spaces that have less depth.


Vantgrade is another sought-after pergola that comes with an aluminum structure. It includes some advanced features like dimmable LED lights and built-in drainage. You can change the position of the awning with the button. With the Vantgarde pergola installed in your yard, you can rest assured of the high-quality outdoor structure in your backyard, patio, and terrace. 

Small Corner Pergola

Don’t have a yard or garden in the house? Or is the size of your terrace not big enough to install a pergola? 
If yes, then the design idea of a small corner pergola is perhaps for you. No matter what size of outdoor space you have, you can make your pergola dream come true with this unique and small outdoor structure. It is a perfect fit for the small patios and yard. You can add a small bench, extra seating, or a hanging chair to add a lively vibe to it. 

Glass Ceiling Pergola

Glass ceiling pergolas are a good option for people who like openness but want to prevent seating from weather damage. The design idea includes glass panels that make the pergola look more beautiful while keeping it safe from debris. It can also protect you from bird droppings and leaves that often obstruct the sky view. 

Cedar Wood Pergola

Cedarwood pergola is popular for not only its vintage design and feel but also for its durability. The stunning pergola stands the test of time due to its high-quality wood. Cedar is great mildew resistant which doesn’t warp easily. It has an excellent quality to repel insects. In addition to that, the beautiful design of the cedar wood pergola creates a mid-century vibe. 

Metal and Steel Pergola

Pergolas look fabulous even with simple and minimalist designs. Installing a metal pergola creates a sleek statement especially when you pair it with minimalistic furniture and concrete hardscaping. 
To add a future-is-now vibe, you can add features like an automated pivoting louver to your metal pergola. Incorporating a siding sunroof mechanism into this design idea is an excellent way to get a full shade or full sun feature. If you have good welding skills, try a DIY metal pergola.

Vinyl Structure Pergola

It is different from the retractable pergola that uses vinyl components. Comparatively simpler, a vinyl pergola is ideal for outbuildings due to its resistant-to-warping and maintenance-free features. It can also withstand weather damage and UV rays. This classic vinyl pergola is the perfect idea for the traditional cottage or home.

Go Beyond Crossbeams

Not fond of crossbeams? How about a thatched roof with natural tropical vibes?
The pergola idea is definitely an excellent add-on when you decorate it with potted plants and rattan furniture. If your outdoor structure entails an Asian or Mediterranean feel, a screen with a unique pattern mimicking another part of the world makes an ideal pergola topper.

Stone Pergola

Stone pillars add permanence and life to pergolas whether you choose rustic and natural style or go for classical columns. You can cover the stone posts with realistic or rugged faux stone. To add an exciting textural touch, consider mixing materials like stone bases and wood posts. 

Summing Up

The given design ideas for pergola can work the best for your outdoor structure if you seek the help of professionals such as Schildr to install them perfectly. Call our expert pergola installers or visit our site to learn more about pergola installation services we offer.