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Panora, the symbol of elegance, offers elegance to spaces with its special architectural design.

  • All-season All-season
  • Warranty for 5+ years Warranty for 5+ years
  • Resistant to adverse weather and fire Resistant to adverse weather and fire
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Customize with Subsystems

With the help of a subsystem, you can diversify your project, choose the one that suits you and design it for yourself.

Custom optional details

There are many options for comfort. You can choose an option for yourself and configure a ready-made product for yourself.



With overheat, shut-off timer function, the carbon infrared heater keeps your space warm even in harsh winter conditions.

Perimeter Light

Perimeter Light

It can shine light in hard-to-reach areas and shine in any color you can imagine.

LED Light UL

LED Light UL

LED lighting with 24 Volt DC, 150mA, 3.6W, 520lm and different color options, suitable for all roof systems.

Fan Profile

Fan Profile

It is the process of adding a profile in the same color as your system color for the fan you want to add in your winter garden.

  • Free standing feature
  • Water flow is supported by its slope

Perfect water discharge thanks to the surrounding flow channels.

Color options

You can choose from the colors within the range or customize it to your taste.

Color options Choose a color that suits your space
Ral Texture Choose a color that suits your space
Wood Effect Choose a color that suits your space

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Allow yourself to be inspired by the projects we have completed and explore the different models and all their possibilities.

More than a product

Is there an independent installation option?

Yes, it can be independently mounted outside the building (Free Standing).

Does it allow water to pass through?

It has waterproof features.

What are the benefits of adding a sunroom to my home?

Adding a sunroom to your home can offer several benefits, including increased natural light, additional living space for relaxation or entertaining, a connection to the outdoors, and boosting the overall value of your property. The transparent nature of glass panels provides unobstructed views of the surrounding outdoor landscape. Whether it's a lush garden, scenic vista, or urban skyline, occupants can enjoy uninterrupted panoramic views from the comfort of the sunroom.

Can I use Panora sunroom year-round?

While perfect for using throughout 3 seasons, using single-pane glass sunrooms year-round may not be ideal in regions with extreme temperatures, as they lack sufficient insulation to regulate indoor temperatures effectively. For using your sunroom comfortably during all 4 seasons, please consider our insulated Panora Plus or Grande options. 

What are the benefits of Panora as a sunroom option?

A double-glass Panora sunroom is an enclosed space designed with two layers of glass, offering enhanced insulation and weather resistance compared to single-pane options. It serves as an extension of the home, providing a bright and comfortable environment to enjoy sunlight and outdoor views year-round.

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