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When it comes to sophistication in terms of insulation, what comes to mind is...

The ventilation system provides comfort with its 75% opening feature. Thanks to its thermally insulated profile option, it is very good in terms of heat and sound insulation.

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It provides a safe environment with its non-flammable fabric design in case of fire situations.

Product advantages

Fire resistant

Fire resistant

It does not increase ignition in case of fire, and melts and disappears in case of combustion.

Wind resistance

Wind resistance

It provides comfortable use in windy weather conditions thanks to the solid stance of the fabric.

Use of quality fabric

Use of quality fabric

All fabric shading, such as ZIP curtains and motorized ceiling blinds, are guaranteed by Serge Ferrari quality.

Color options

You can choose from the colors within the range or customize it to your taste.

Color options Choose a color that suits your space
Ral Texture Choose a color that suits your space
Wood Effect Choose a color that suits your space

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More than a product

What are the advantages of motorized retractable sunshades?

Motorized retractable sunshades are window coverings or exterior shading systems equipped with a motorized mechanism that allows them to be easily extended or retracted with the touch of a button or remote control. They provide shade and protection from the sun's glare while offering convenience and control over natural light.

What are the advantages of motorized retractable sunshades?

Motorized retractable sunshades offer several advantages, including effortless operation, precise control over shading and sunlight exposure, enhanced energy efficiency by reducing heat gain, increased privacy, and protection of indoor furnishings from UV damage. They also add a modern and luxurious touch to residential and commercial spaces.

How do motorized retractable sunshades work?

Motorized retractable sunshades operate using an electric motor housed within the shading system. The motor is connected to a control unit, which can be operated via a remote control, wall switch, smartphone app, or home automation system. When activated, the motor extends or retracts the shade fabric along a track or guide system installed above the window or outdoor area.

Can motorized retractable sunshades be customized to fit different window sizes and shapes?

Yes, motorized retractable sunshades can be customized to fit a variety of window sizes and shapes. They are available in a range of widths and drops to accommodate different dimensions and architectural styles.

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