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In case if you want to ask the following :

Can it withstand a heavy snow/rain/hail and will it prevent any leaking between the roof panels ?

Yes, this keeps the snow/rain/hail off without leaking. It's made of rigid and light Aluminum structure that can serve a lifetime. 

What is the temperature range on the polycarbonate roof panels? Can they handle temps. up to 120?

The polycarbonate roof panels can withstand temperatures up to 190 F.

Can a ceiling fan be installed ?

The structure can support a ceiling fan hanging from it, it can be installed using the beam’s built-in tracks. Please make sure you install the fan and the wiring in a secure way, you may consult with a handyman as to how to attach it to the top.

How long the Patio Cover installation will take ?

In most cases, your beautiful patio cover can be installed in just a few hours. So we are always happy to accommodate your schedule.

Can it be anchored to concrete ?

Yes, it can be anchored to concrete. Base or foundation must be flattened, leveled and prepped prior to installing the product. The product must be built on a solid level surface in order to perform properly. We recommend using a concrete or wood deck as base. In addition, It is imperative that the ground surface be perfectly flat and leveled and in a 90° angle to the supporting wall.

In case of a carport can it be relocated ?

Yes, the carport can be relocated, even after installation and anchoring it at its final location. Please make sure you do so with at least 2 people.All system profiles are cut at 90˚ to make an installation as easy as it can be