November 16, 2021 04:04 AM

Trending Outdoor Living Structures Explained

Louvered Roof ideas for an attractive outdoor space

Despite the numerous negativities that have entered our lives with the pandemic, positive and inspiring things are also happening here. Outdoor living structures are trending in the States and no one can ignore them anymore. Especially those walking on the sidewalk, those who love dining out, and those who are considering remodeling, or improving their house have been seeing these outdoor living structures or exterior space buildings more than they've ever seen before. You can call them the way you like to but they are already categorized such as in the business market. 

Outdoor living ideas and solutions, rooted in Italian architecture and developed by German technologies, aiming Americans to use their exterior areas more effectively and creatively, are at full speed. SCHILDR is a leading outdoor space company in the USA as well as it does in other countries too and has a purposeful goal to instruct outdoor space enthusiasts, designers, and partners for this new trend.

If you are running a restaurant or an event space, relaxing or working all day at your home-office by staring at the outside or just wanna reshape your house image to the modern living space, keep reading this to be sure you have the right understanding of choosing the design, shape and the right company with confident and as little as no confuse. It is easy to blame people and companies for naming these structures differently, however, as a matter of course this is a new market in the USA and you should consider doing some research or have an experienced company to do all of this for you. ( BOOK FREE CONSULTING FROM SCHILDR)

Before talking about how to choose the right company, the general purpose of these shapes needs to be understood. Especially if you are considering getting one from a contractor or a non-manufacturer company, there is a high possibility you can end up sending the product back with wasteful time and money or even worse to have it installed unsafely. 

Due to a new market condition, there are a very limited number of companies like SCHILDR that have all the capabilities; design, manufacturing, supply, installation, and local service network.

Choosing companies like SCHILDR not only gives property owners a high-end product and service, also gives a relaxed and stress-free process. Check how satisfied Schildr’s customers are. 

Let's get back to the shapes and confusing names of these structures and let's start with the most simple one.

Patio Cover: Solid aluminum sloped roof attached to the house in the back and pillars on the front. SCHILDR`s patio cover models allow ease of installation and provide a clear sky view with tempered glass or unbroken polycarbonate roofing as well as with light rigid aluminum.

Application areas; Patio / Decks, Porch, Business entrance, Carports, Balcony, Terraces, Pools, and Rooftops.

Check SCHILDR's patio cover models and see how and where they are used.

Retractable Awning; A sheet of canvas or other material stretched on an attached retractable and remote-controlled aluminum frame without pillars and used to keep the sun or rain off a storefront, window, doorway, or deck. 

Application areas; Storefronts, Windows, Business Entrances, Decks, Doorways, Pool Sides, and Rooftops.

Retractable Pergola; It has the same working principle with retractable awning and is attached to the main building on the back, posted to the ground with aluminum pillars on the front. SCHILDR’s retractable pergola can have remote-controlled lights, ceiling fans, and heaters mounted.

The main characteristic that separates retractable pergolas from retractable awnings is, they can be covered by the walls with SCHILDR`s sliding glass doors or with remote-controlled guillotine glass systems which are moving up & down. Complementary walls are also able to be supported by SCHILDR`s sunshade-screen systems for more privacy and to blockade the sunlight. As an innovative characteristic of SCHILDR, SUCCOT™ model pergolas were invented to use during Shabbats time with manual operation system while other days of the year SUCCOT™ can be operated remotely by SOMFY`s advanced system. Click to see how unique  SUCCOT™ pergolas are and how they work.

SCHILDR also offers free-standing shape pergolas under the model name of Avantgarde Arch and Avantgarde Flat.

Application areas;  Restaurants, Rooftops, Event spaces, Hotels, Pools, Terraces, Patios, and Sukkot.

SCHILDR`s diverse its pergola models with Classic, Elegant and Avantgarde series. Check to see which fits most of your needs.

Louver; It’s also called Bioclimatic Pergola, Retractable Roof, and Louvered Pergola by others and firstly invented for blinding windows and keeping them out of rain then invented for use in roofing too. SCHILDR`s free-standing Cabbana model louvers provide a remote-controlled opening roof with a stylish lighting ambiance.

SCHILDR`s Cabbana model louver adds huge value to the properties with its elegant design and functional use. With this sleek component of the zip screen, your louver will provide you with more privacy as well as sun shading functionality. 

Louvers are a great design fit for classic style victorian houses, contemporary style penthouses, hotel terraces, poolsides, and sukkot equipped with fresh air. SCHILDR`s luxurious Cabbana model always distinguished itself from other outdoor living spaces with its unique mat-finished white and anthracite colors. See how Cabbana louvers add value and the comfort to your patio.

Application areas; Rooftops, Pool Sides, Terraces, Patios, Decks, Connecting Hallways, and Sukkot. 

Sunroom; Most confusing outdoor structure when it comes to naming it. It`s called skylight, sunroof, four-seasons room, three-season room, sun porches, sun lounges winter garden, and countless more. As you can tell from each of these names, the sunroom is covered by each side; roof, doors, and walls. Instead of digging out the meaning of these names and getting more confused, you need to have an answer to this important question; would you convert your existing room to have a sunroom or would you add a ready-to-install sunroom to your existing house? 

Converting a room of the house by adding skylight windows or removing the walls and adding glass walls will give you an old school sunroom but using your garden, patio, deck, and rooftop spaces you will not only have a modern-looking sunroom but avoid any major construction on your main property.

Instead of changing your whole floor plans and dealing with architectural challenges such as electricity, plumbing, and statistic, ready-to-install systems will only give you a relaxing time with your new four-season outdoor space such as SCHILDR`s UrbanGrandeDynamicRoomyPanora, and Panora Plus models.  Sunrooms can be attached to the main structures but SCHILDER`s Panora models can be free-standing too. 

The diversity of sunroom models will allow you to have an exact match for your property`s unique design. Who would prefer to have an outdoor space unless it's an exact fit for your pleasure? 

Deciding on the outdoor structure model is the first step of catching the time, but deciding the right company that can handle design, production, installation, and customer-based service will make this process more stress-free and enjoyable. Not only that, an appropriately completed project will be a smart investment that increases the value of your property. GET YOUR QUOTE TODAY!