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Retractable Pergola

Our Retractable Awning Pergola is the ideal solution for sun shading and rain protection for patios, decks, verandas, terraces, restaurants, cafes and as a free-standing structure to add covered space for your home’s or restaurant’s outdoor space. Made of rigid Aluminum structure and vinyl-like composite material, it provides permanent rain and sun protection without permanent roofing. The "roof" can be opened or retracted back to embrace the clear sky with a touch of a button. It can span up to 26’ wide and 33’ projection with a single section. The number of sections that can be combined to provide a sizable watertight space is limitless.

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Kenny Couillard
Kenny Couillard

West Islip / New York

"When I saw the pergola, I thought, this is great, it is a railing and awning at the same time! We now have an extra room when the weather gets rainy, windy, or buggy. I would definitely recommend it to friends or anyone who came to my house. "

Claudia Amboos
Claudia Amboos

Westchester / New York

"I did this project for a client, I am a designer. After research, estimates, and a thorough review of references of 4 other companies that do this type of pergola, I chose you guys. We were totally focused on the louvered system that has lights and can be opened or closed to exact shading preferences. I would certainly recommend it to other clients. It adds value by adding a room to your house that you can use all year long."

Joseph Settepani
Joseph Settepani

Bruno’s Bakery / New York

"The beautiful thing about the pergola is that it gives a different look of outdoor space. It kind of makes you feel like you’re a little bit in Europe. So when I go I sit out there on my lunch break and everything and I see customers sitting out there it kind of just reminds me of being somewhere in the Mediterranean."